PT e64 industrial bandsaw


PT e-64 is an industrial bandsaw – a lumber ripper dedicated for precise wood ripping. The whole process of cutting, loading and unloading is managed by a single person, who controls all movements of the machine from immobile platform. The operator of the saw has a great view of the ripping process from the platform. This mode of operation makes this machine the safest of the bandsaws. The saw is equipped with loading ramp that allows for storing the input material and automated feeding of single logs onto the machine. The conveyor receiver with a set of pushers allows for service-free reception of cut elements that are pushed down by the header automatically during its return travel. Hydraulic log manipulation (clamping with adjustable height clamp, two levelers, chain turner, side blocks for rolling and cut angle adjustment) is made with use of joysticks. The operator can smoothly adjust the speed of the respective operations and position even the biggest log in a fast and precise way. The automated undercutter cuts a grove in the log, working with use of adjustment roll that positions it in relation to the ripped tog. These elements, together with the unique pneumatic system for saw tensioning significantly increase the service life of the band. The laser indicating the cut line and the ripping programmer with the header positioning system that allows for a +/- 0.2 mm cut accuracy secure the optimal log cutting. Use of the above listed solutions allows for a very high efficiency, even twice the typical efficiency of normal bandsaw. The machine allows to cut one job if we assume that a stapling machine is positioned behind the machine and connected with a multi-saw, cutter or a person directly stapling the material to the drying rooms. This makes the price of the machine equal to four years of employment costs of a single worker.

Technical details:

The saw is also equipped in worker supervision system that allows us to check his/her efficiency and quality of work.